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Cartoon characters and their Pokemon.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 20, 2013, 9:49 AM

Just a small project to eat up my time when I'm at work. If you have any ideas for other characters or for better matches, share it in the comments section.


Eddy: Purrloin
Double D: Cacnea
Ed: Quagsire

Blossom: Pansear
Bubbles: Panpour
Buttercup: Pansage
The Mayor: Jellicent
Ms. Bellum: Lopunny

Dexter: Mewtwo
DeeDee: Kirlia
Mandark: Genesect

Mama Bravo: Alomomola
Carl: Sunflora
Suzy: Eevee / Sylveon

Samurai Jack: Samurott

Chowder: Gulpin

Grim: Duskull

Flapjack: ???
Captain K'nuckles: Slurpuff

Steven: Shieldon
Amethyst: Munchlax
Pearl: Scyther
Garnet: Lucario


Dr. Venture: Duosion
The Monarch: Beautifly

The Warden: Ditto

Rick: Deoxys
Morty: Spinda


Po: Pangoro

Avatar: Kyurem / Regigigas
Toph: Excadrill

ZIM: Elgyem
Dib: ???


Jack Skellington: Gorgeist

Kuzco: Furfrou 
Kronk: Pachirisu
Yzma: Mandibuzz

Wreck-It Ralph: Diggersby
Fix-It Felix: Timburr
Vanellope: Missingno.


Mabel: Grumpig
Grunkle Stan: Meowth
Gideon: Murkrow

Omi: Frogadier
Kimiko: Vulpix
Clay: Rhyhorn
Raimundo: Altaria 
Dojo: Dratini
Jack Spicer: Monferno  
Wuya: Misdreavus

Dave the Barbarian: Meganium

Kick Buttowski: Mega-Manectric

Wander: Togekiss


Mario: Pikachu
Peach: Jigglypuff
Bowser: Tyrantrum
Bowser Jr.: Tyrunt
Wario: Raichu
Waluigi: Sableye

Link: Aegislash
Zelda: Meloetta


Sly Cooper: Sneasel
Bentley: Porygon-Z
Murray: Meditite (Shiny)
Carmelita: Growlithe

Wilson: ???
Willow: Lampent
Wolfgang: ???
Wickerbottom: Drowzee
WX-78: Klink
Wes: Mr. Mime
Woodie: Bibarel
Maxwell: Darkrai

Rasputin: Psyduck

Guybrush Threepwood: Ambipom (Three tails)
LeChuck: Giratina

Scout: Sentret
Soldier: Braviary
Pyro: Magmortar
Demoman: Voltorb
Heavy: Ursaring
Engineer: Magnezone
Medic: Happiny
Sniper: Spearow
Spy: Zorua


Riddler: Question Mark Unown

Thor: Thunderus


Alphonse: Golurk


Louise: Meowstic (Male)
Gene: Chatot
Tina: Ponyta

Harry: Zangoose
Hermionie: Alakazam 
Ron: ???
Hagrid: Galvantula
Malfoy: Seviper
Prof. Umbridge: Skitty

Homestar: ???
Strong Bad: Goodra
Marzipan: Gloom

Dan: Primeape
Chris: ???

Flint Lockwood: Vanillish
Sam Sparks: Castform

The Once-ler: Grimer, Muk, Trubbish, Garbador

Coding and Design by Hairac

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